„Our basic aim is to help other people”

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Compensations – Administration

Translations – Meetings assistance

From 2015 year, Obrońca.eu company provides services for people that are or was living in
the Netherlands.


We want to help everybody who had mental, physical, financial difficulties.

We care about every case and do our best to provide you with high quality service.

Our specialist do their best to achieve the largest possible compensation of damage for
clients. According to legislation rules, part of our salary comes from the person responsible
for your damage or his/her insurance company.

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Other services:

Our company provides services on the area of the Netherlands ( whole territory)


You can contact us by form, email or phone:


06-19298787 (monday - friday 10-18) Whole Netherlands

06-16369432 (monday - friday 10-18)Whole Netherlands

06-17297574 (monday - friday 10-18) Middle Netherlands 


Our offices are in :


Amsterdam – Hoom – Amersfoort - Waalwijk

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